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Hello. I apologize for using machine translation - I do not speak English. I want to offer my vision of the further development of bitcoin, more precisely the complete client of bitcoin - the bitcoin kernel with the full version of blockschain. At the moment, the network of constantly working full-time customers is not quite sufficient for the stable operation of blockschain bitcoins, and if we talk about the bitcoin mining network, it's still worse there. My idea will increase the degree of decentralization of bitcoin and blockade and extraction blockschain by 10 or 100 times.  The essence of the idea is to implement Bitcoin Core, as well as possibly bitcoin mining in any widely available widely used software - Internet browsers, games, antiviruses or even the operating system used by millions of people, thereby making the network of sites bitcoin very large and superstable, and also, if possible, do the same with bitcoin mining. The most suitable for this purpose I see mass computer network video games. I'll explain why - such games require a fairly powerful computer, which means that the process of updating the network node in the background bitcoin or mining will not heavily load the client's computer. At the same time, computer games are not vital software, and clients, if they do not want to download their computer, support the bitcoin network, they can refuse to use such a game without problems. But even more interesting in my idea is that I propose to benefit directly from the very Bitcoin Core array, which for the time being lies on computers useless and only takes up space in memory. I suggest using the Bitcoin Core database as a source for generating game cards. It can be any map - like a map of the terrain, and a very large terrain, and even a whole virtual planet, which is quite possible, given the size of Bitcoin Core, and the room. Of course, for this purpose we need different interpreters of Bitcoin Core, which will be able to interpret the same Bitcoin Core database in completely different types of maps. Bitcoin bitcoin can be interpreted in a map of the city, in a mountain map, in a map of the forest with trees and hills, or in an ocean with islands and continents. Probably, for the most mass game it will be necessary to create only one card, but it's very big, considering the size of Bitcoin Core. Despite the large size, it is likely that such a card can become boring for players - but this will not happen due to the fact that Bitcoin Core constantly grows with new transactions - and this is the key to the success of my idea! Even more interesting and important is that players, constantly moving on a map generated on the basis of Bitcoin Core, will remember it, and eventually learn it by heart - which is very good! This means that the memory of millions of players, in addition to the memory of machines, can serve as another factor of stability and unchanged Bitcoin Core, which will further reduce the chance that attackers will be able to crack Bitcoin Core and make changes to it, in order to steal money. This is a very useful factor, I think. Here I will outline the more detailed characteristics of a possible game with integrated Bitcoin Core. I think that in addition to the game for the operating system MS Windows, there must necessarily be a version under Linux for obvious reasons - there are fewer viruses and Linux developers will like it. This means they too can take part in the development of such a game. I believe that for the purposes of the proposed project, Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter, MMOFPS, is best suited. Such games are the most massive at the moment, and they will remain for a long time. In addition, I have some suggestions that will help make this type of game financially profitable, without compromising the reputation of the game. These suggestions work well for Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter. I invite game developers to participate in the work together with me.
My idea will allow to implement a fundamentally new kind of monetization of the game without compromising the game balance and will not require any players any costs in the process of the main game. The essence of my idea is to sell players some additional services that will allow them to increase the fun of the game, but these services are not mandatory for the game and their absence will not affect the normal game. It should be noted that in some cases it may be necessary to interact with some of the world's copyright brands, which may not appeal to some project participants. However, in fact, as a result of this interaction, these world copyright owners will be interested in the promotion of our project to the markets-which will promote it in the shortest possible time!

This text was posted on the  bitcointalk.org  forum, in the "Development and Technical discussion" section. After a short time, this text was removed by the imbecile degenerate moderator of this section, probably due to envy and stupidity of this moderator. Because of such assholes like this moderator, bitcoin is getting cheaper, everything is falling apart, and our civilization is plunging into the ass.



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